About Us

BirthmarQ is for the woman who is effortlessly Distinct. 
We offer clothing that accentuates the natural flow of your body with a dramatic flare. Create a feeling when you walk into the room. From the design of your ensemble to the drama in your stride; you're sure to be spotted in a piece from BirthmarQ. Our clothing options are fit for a Queen, one who is unique and undoubtedly sexy through her simplicity and femininity. 
We want our "BE Queens" to feel comfortable in their own skin and its perfect imperfections.
BirthmarQ speaks personally to who YOU are. A woman that aspires to express her style without compromising her identity. She needs no introduction, she is in her own lane.
Do they know who you are? STAND OUT effortlessly!
Leave your Marq…….
-Dannie Daneé 💋